C-section Scar Treatment

c-section scar management and treatmentC-section scars make many women feel self-conscious or less attractive. ReJuveness offers ways to reduce the appearance of c-section scars. Because of the unique nature of c-section incisions, they do pose a greater chance of developing into hypertrophic and keloid scars than other surgical procedures. A primary reason for this is that collagen resorption is at its greatest during the first 48 hours after a c-section is performed. During this period of time after the c-section, the uterus shrinks significantly as it returns to its normal size.

ReJuveness silicone sheets, considered an FDA Class-1 medical device, is medically recommended as a scar management treatment for C section incisions, burns, plastic surgery, acne, and cuts. Made of USP medical grade six silicone, the c-section sheets are available in 1″ by 6″ strips and 1.6″ by 6″ pieces. The two sizes are custom designed for c-section incision treatment. These c-section sheets can easily be trimmed with a scissors for optimal comfort and fit. One recommended strategy for healing and reducing the severity of C section scars is to use a two-pronged approach to scar management. A synergistic effect can be achieved in the controlling of c-section scars by combining silicone sheeting with ReJuveness Hyper Heal cream. The recommended regimen for using the scar cream to accelerate healing in c-section and other incisions is to apply it lightly to the scarred area twice a day. For optimal results, c-section patients are advised to begin using the combination treatment (siliconesheets and scar cream) immediately after the wound has closed, sutures have been removed, and itching or redness occurs around the scar.

Rejuveness Silicon Sheet & medical tape in use to treat a c-section scar

C Section incisions have a higher chance of developing into hypertrophic and Keloid scars than most surgical incisions. This is because collagen resorption is at its
greatest when the uterus returns to its near normal size 48 hours after birth. Now these c section scars can be easily managed with ReJuveness scar treatment.

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  1. Cherylyn Tan


    hi i have has vertical c-section 2 weeks ago.. i dont feel pain anymore.. when should i start using your product and what product/s should i use? im afraid that the scar will get worse. i have seen vertical c-section scar from my mother, the incision scar is deeper than the skin around it. hope that your product helps the scar or trace disappear.