Scars and Childhood Memories

This is a post by one of our contributing writers, Ashley.

I was a klutz when I was a child. I still am a klutz today. Which means that I fall, and sometimes when I fall, I get scars. We all do. We do something silly (especially when we are younger) and end up getting a visible reminder of it.

I have been using this product for years. I have tried others but have not found anything that works better for me. There are a lot of legitimate mail-order pharmacies in this country.

There are a few men in Hollywood that can do the whole “scars are really attractive” thing, but generally scars will draw attention away from your more striking features, some other scars you can tell stories about.

But when you want to get some scar healing done and hide evidence of your childhood, teen and young adult tumbles, there are a few options that you can take advantage of. First things first, though, what kind of scar (and scar treatment options) do you have?

  • Kelodial scars – These are those raised or bumpy scars that you sometimes get – here what needs to be done is the skin needs to be flattened and then healed.
  • Hyper or hypo pigmentation – This is when you have darker than skin color scars or lighter-than-skin-color scarring. The darker scarring can be treated without much fuss, but the white scarring is something that is the result of natural healing, and therefore we do not offer any viable scar treatments for those thin white scars. If you catch the scar before it is fully healed, though, you can potentially use silicone sheeting to prevent hypo-pigmentation.
  • Acne scarring – there are a few different types of scarring that can be caused by acne, and most of them aren’t very pretty. These are reminders of our childhood and teen years that we really don’t want around! There are atrophic scars (scarring that looks like depressions in the skin), ice pick scars (narrow pinpoint scarring that resembles the acne formerly there) and boxcar scars (the same idea as ice pick scars, but wider). Silicone sheeting is also a great way to treat these ghosts of our teen years.
  • Stretch marks – Most common for women, stretch marks are often from hormonal changes rather than actual stretching of the skin. While these are still angry and red, these scars can be treated with silicone sheeting.

So if you want people to notice you rather than your scars, consider these scar healing options to help you really shine.

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